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Ecommerce web site solutions
Managing your business online.
Part of web design and web development is helping people do business online, known as ebusiness
or ecommerce. Doing business online gives website owners the ability to manage their business
at anytime from anywhere they wish, making ebusiness and ecommerce applications and websites
both popular and powerful.
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Ebusiness & Ecommerce
Ecommerce web site Design Solutions

Managing business, even though you are not at an office, or making online shops, are some of the functionalities that are done using these solutions. To get a detailed understanding of these ebusiness solutions, we will discuss them in detail. Ebusiness can be categorized as B2C (Business to Consumer or online shopping). The term B2B represents Business to Business portals, which will be a service offered to businesses ( e.g., Jobsite, trademark registration sites). Our third term, B2E, represents Business to Employee solutions (e.g., Task Management software).

An Ecommerce solution is software functionality that can be integrated to the above mentioned solutions, which gives the user the power to manage money transactions online. Integration of this can be done to the applications developed. Most banks provide these services, which can be available by any account holder on demand. Banks will have their payment gateway for ecommerce solutions, and the application developed can be integrated with it by us. The bank will provide a merchant account that will be linked to your bank account; online transactions are processes using this merchant account. There are lots of open service providers who have tied up their services with your local banks. Some of these providers are Google Checkout and Paypal. With the above various ecommerce solutions and ebusiness solutions, it is easy to manage business and online transactions effectively.
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